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October 2016  

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Dance with me, Anteaterina.  
02:51am 20/09/2010
Hulu has Princess Tutu. How cool is that? I don't know if they only acquired it recently or if I just missed their adding it but I noticed it tonight, as I was looking for something to watch while doing homework.

Anyone who's seen this series knows it's possible to spend ridiculous amounts of time discussing both how awesome and how profoundly weird it is, but I'll spare you for now. Instead, I will post this short but sweet review by Petro Jsko:

***** Real Men Watch Princess Tutu
Holy hell this is the manliest show ever. Its got people getting their hearts ripped out, evil ravens, knights, fables, romantic subplots, dancing, ballerina princesses. YEA YOU HEARD ME. Characters. Loads of characters more characters than you know what to do with. Too many characters? TOO BAD. You want music? Tutu's got it. You want hot blooded rock music? Get that weak sauce out of here. This show has Tchaikovsky. Does your show have Tchaikovsky? Hell no, you probably can't even pronounce Tchaikovsky. This is manlier than a lumberjack flossing with barbed wire and anybody who says otherwise just can't handle it. WATCH PRINCESS TUTU.

You think he's kidding.
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11:55pm 20/09/2010 (UTC)
One of few animes I actually like. Princess Tutu outtakes ftw.
"Right...I'm just gonna sashay off now."
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